The appeal of Northbound Knitting lies in the allure of texture, atmosphere and mystery that the woman behind the company, Lisa Mutch, skilfully creates. Specialising in unique hand dyes for fiber and yarn, Lisa is also an established designer with an international following that is loyal and growing every day.

  Lisa has an eye for design that is striking in its simplicity and appeals to knitters who enjoy working textured  stitches that intrigue and sooth in equal measure. Whether it is a sharp contrasting line, a varying texture or a subtle asymmetry, Lisa invites knitters to bask in their knitwear to create statement accessories and feminine garments. The simplicity of each item is deceptive and lures knitters into hours wiled away with nothing but their busy hands and own thoughts as they create these moody designs for themselves.

  With such a developed understanding of the pleasures of garter stitch fabric or the enticing way two colours can work together, Lisa is also able to apply her attention to detail in dyeing. Lisa’s first love might be dark, moody and mysterious shades that shift subtly but she also offers brightness in all that dark with piercing yellows and burning reds. Her palette is perfect for sharp contrasts and layered colours which time and time again you will feel yourself getting completely immersed in.

  Lisa’s choices of fiber and yarn reflect the need for different fabrics, moods and tones: the crispness of Corriedale that crunches through the fingers as you spin; the luxury of cashmere for creating soft waves of fabric or the high energy twist of Merino that adds definition to an array of colours. Northbound Knitting takes its inspiration from the process of creating stitches as much as the final product and invites knitters to lose themselves to their art form in knitwear inspired by detail.